Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Olympic Fashion

I am loving the Games and now I have Foxtel, I am not missing a thing! Eight dedicated channels baby (I sound like a tv advertisement).

Fashion is always a hot topic and of particular importance, I believe, when the Olympics roll around every four years. The fashion of the Olympic athletes always gets some serious attention in the media! While I took note of the Australian attire revealed a few weeks ago, I didn't look up the fashion choices of other countries until recently, when I came across this article on Time Magazine Online and was in awe of some of these hideous concoctions. 

Watching the athletes walk in to the Opening Ceremony is my favourite part of the Olympics... "Ohhh they look awesome" and "Whoa - what the *beep* happened there?" were just some of the colourful comments Keegan sat through on the weekend while we watched the ceremony together. 

While there is quite a few 'Best & Worst' reviews online at the moment, I thought I would share my personal view.

Spain. OMG. The tracksuit in the middle is that ugly, I cant even believe it made it from the pages of a sketchbook to real life. It turns out this outfit was donated as Spain couldn't afford to get outfits made for their athletes, so perhaps I should lay off a little. However, I will say that even the dummies in the image below know they look ridiculous in the mish mash of crazy colours and paisley patterns. Yuk. 

(image from the SMH Online)

Another one I really don't like is this Jamaican version. It seems to be getting a lot of positive comments based around the brightness of the colours but honestly, not a fan. That high collar jacket is just weird. 

(image from the SMH Online)

Russia's tracksuit is a little "out there" you might say! And the matching caps... well?!

(image from the Vancouver Sun)

But at least none of the London 2012 uniforms were as awful as this Lithuanian number from the 1992 Olympics in Spain.... Ewwww. Ha ha! Tie dye! Flashback. What a phase. 

(image from xfinity)

I really love Korea's uniform. They are such a polite nation from what I can gather. Did anyone notice the women's Archery team at the medal ceremony? They went around the front of the blocks to shake hands with the silver and bronze recipients before accepting their gold medals on the podium. Cute and so classy.

(image from the SMH Online)

I also like Great Britain's competition wear. Stella McCartney was involved so that might have something to do with it. Apparently she worked with Adidas to come up with over 600 different looks for the athletes!

(image from AFP)

However, I think the best of the bunch... the country that got it Oh-So-Right is BRAZIL!!!

(image from Bulgarian News Agency)

The mini skirts are hot, but you can see in the image above that some women chose to wear longer skirts which is always nice to have options to cater for the comfort level of different women. I love the sporty look with the trainers and neon laces but the preppy blazers and matching scarves tie it all together. I think it looks tailored, structured and professional but not at all stiff! 

As for Australia...

Although it has copped some flack, I dont think its that bad. In fact, I quite like it! The colours are nowhere near as bright as other countries but I think our Aussie athletes look great and are feeling great too. With 6 medals in the bag on Day 4, we are doing well!

Go Australia!!!

L x

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