Friday, 3 August 2012

Dreaming of Europe

I don't know about you guys... but I feel like everyone is living the life in Europe at the moment (not to mention KY, Sammy D & Gards)! It is starting to become a real challenge to come to work everyday and look at amazing photos online. 

I guess this time of year always happens... chilly Sydney means sunny Europe, and while our friends galavant all over the world and our FB walls, next year - I plan to do the same.

My sister will be heading to Europe to complete her PHD, most likely in Switzerland. So Keegan and I have decided that its our turn. It's time to travel together. For our first holiday alone. Ever.

Rochers De Naye
(image from Lonely Planet - Glenn van der Knijff)

A village in Switzerland...
(image from Lonely Planet - Martin Moos)

I am having a major daily distraction on this amazing blog and if, like me, you are obsessed with visiting Europe, take a peek. But honestly, if your at work, I wouldn't advise it.


L x

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  1. I hear ya sister!!!! That's exactly why Tez n I have decided on a big euro trip next august for 8wks!!!! you guys are more then welcome to join - we're doing busabout mostly!

    so we might see u there! i'm over all the euro updates too - its time to see what it's all about!!!!

    xxx Bec


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