Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Goodbye family home... hello new digs!

As I explained a few weeks ago, my parents recently sold their house at auction. It was a very sad time as this has been our family home for about 15 years. Anyway, we got a great price, made an offer on another and hey presto... the process begins.

Only, this has been the a terrible time for them and it has far exceeded their worst nightmare. 

The house that my parents purchased has been plagued with drama for the entire selling/buying process and came with issues such as termites, dodgy carpet, bad plumbing and finally a caveat on the property meaning settlement kept getting delayed! Great.

On the upside, the person that bought our home gave us 4 weeks longer (in which we would have been renting our home from him), meaning 14 May was final move out day for us.Very generous of him because moving an entire family home is a mammoth task. 

However, as a result of all the drama with the house we were buying, the settlement fell over 4 times!! Its apparently pretty rare for a settlement to fall through once, then a second time is generally unheard of. As I said... 4 times... I was worried it was going to send them into a mental institution. It turns out the person who purchased our home was not happy about the settlement being cancelled so many times and although it was never our fault that the settlement kept falling through, he decided to cancel his decision to let us rent from him, meaning we had to be out on settlement day. 

On Tuesday afternoon last week, we got word that the caveat was lifted, settlement was booked in for 2.30pm on Thursday and... my parents had less than 48 hours to get out of their house! 

For most of last week, I was off work and by Tuesday evening, I was ready to get my hands dirty and to say goodbye to our family home. The next 48 hours were hellish and included a variety of unusual moving tactics like parking the two full removalist trucks on the side of road as we had no access to our new home to deliver the furniture and also stacking the additional furniture that couldn't fit in the two trucks, on our neighbours front law! Nightmare.

My parents are now moved in and settled in their new home which felt like it would never happen. The pups are so happy with their new digs and have been exploring like mad as the backyard of our new home is much bigger than the old one.

As you can see, they were exhausted by Saturday afternoon. 

From now on, every time I buy and sell a house I will always remember that it can never be quite as stressful as it has been for my parents over the past month. We didn't even have time to get emotional about moving out of our old place. So glad its done now. I don't think they will sell again for a very long time.

L x

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