Monday, 12 March 2012

Work it!

A few months ago I was shopping for a dress and everything I tried on I hated. I realised I was actually hating how everything looked on me and not hating the clothes themselves so I thought... "Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on clothes and feeling crap in them, why not go up to Lorna Jane, spend that money on workout gear, and get focussed on chugging how my body looks in clothes?"

So that's exactly what I did and $350 later I was feeling fitter already. I really have stuck to this as well so I am very proud of myself and thought I deserved a new workout top as a personal reward. Its amazing how much of a lift new workout gear can give you.

Lorna Jane website

I am so excited to get my new Lorna Jane top this week hopefully. Its my new favourite!

L x

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