Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Baby Fever

It seems like pregnancy is all around me at the moment.

Not long ago, I found out two of my closest high school friends are pregnant! Jen is due in July and Nat in September!

Then, while I was at Danielle's Hen's Party a few weeks ago, I found out that two of her close friends are pregnant too.

Just last week, I found out that two other friends have had their babies. Sara had baby Joshua and Coreena had baby Adam. Not only that, but also last week, Danielle had baby Charlotte! It's turning into an expensive week.

On Saturday, my Mum's best friend texted to say that her daughter had a daughter - baby Alexandra.

On Sunday, I was watching K play footy and I ran into one of his mates GFs who had their baby two weeks ago - he is so tiny and they have named him Boston.

Its consuming me at the moment. BABY FEVER.

I am going to visit baby Charlotte tomorrow and I am so excited to meet her!

L x

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