Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Khloe looking sexy

Khloe and Lamar is our favourite show. K and I watch it every week. Lamar is hilarious. 

How HOT does Khloe look in this pic. Seriously - I think this is the hottest I have ever seen her look. Bangin'!

Kim Kardashian Celebuzz

L x

Baby Fever

It seems like pregnancy is all around me at the moment.

Not long ago, I found out two of my closest high school friends are pregnant! Jen is due in July and Nat in September!

Then, while I was at Danielle's Hen's Party a few weeks ago, I found out that two of her close friends are pregnant too.

Just last week, I found out that two other friends have had their babies. Sara had baby Joshua and Coreena had baby Adam. Not only that, but also last week, Danielle had baby Charlotte! It's turning into an expensive week.

On Saturday, my Mum's best friend texted to say that her daughter had a daughter - baby Alexandra.

On Sunday, I was watching K play footy and I ran into one of his mates GFs who had their baby two weeks ago - he is so tiny and they have named him Boston.

Its consuming me at the moment. BABY FEVER.

I am going to visit baby Charlotte tomorrow and I am so excited to meet her!

L x

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Beautiful women... positive affirmation

All women should embrace their beauty. I for one need to take my own advice and I know there are many others like me out there.

These images are beautiful and so are the women. This is my inspiration...

(My friend Franky)

(Our lips are sealed)


(Our lips are sealed)

(Get at me bro)

(Lynn Lynn) - OMG these pins are amazeballs. I want. 

Love Love Love

L x

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Our new family home!

My parents sold our family home last week and although I burst into tears immediately after the SOLD was called out at the auction, I feel better about it every day. We grew up there and for the past 16 years it has been our sanctuary of good times and wonderful family memories.

Mum and Dad have purchased a run down home a few suburbs further from us, which overlooks the golf course and has a block of vacant land next to it which means there is only one neighbour. A big bonus in suburban Sydney!

I will love and miss the home they have sold so much but I am being positive and focusing on the fact that family always sticks together and we will make new memories somewhere else.

This way my grandfather can move in too! I hate the thought of him being so far away and all alone so it will be nice to have him close. The best part is, we are getting the back decking and his poppy flat designed by an architect and built before they move in. I find this so exciting and I don't even live there! ha ha

I am sure there will be some updates about this in the coming weeks too! I am such a homebody and love that I have something new to focus on.

L x

Monday, 12 March 2012

Work it!

A few months ago I was shopping for a dress and everything I tried on I hated. I realised I was actually hating how everything looked on me and not hating the clothes themselves so I thought... "Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on clothes and feeling crap in them, why not go up to Lorna Jane, spend that money on workout gear, and get focussed on chugging how my body looks in clothes?"

So that's exactly what I did and $350 later I was feeling fitter already. I really have stuck to this as well so I am very proud of myself and thought I deserved a new workout top as a personal reward. Its amazing how much of a lift new workout gear can give you.

Lorna Jane website

I am so excited to get my new Lorna Jane top this week hopefully. Its my new favourite!

L x

Week 5 started today

Today was the start of week 5 - 12WBT and I gotta say, I am loving it! I knew I would as I started doing the last round, but I didn't think I would get this much satisfaction from it. I go to work with K six mornings a week and work out in the gym for at least an hour, usually more.

I have hardly lost any weight so far but I can't believe the progress I am making. I couldn't run at all in week 1 and now I am doing at least 30 minutes most days of interval power walking and jogging. So impressed with myself!

I was just away for the weekend staying with K's family and unfortunately, its just not easy to eat properly when someone else is cooking food for you, but I try and make the healthiest choices when I am not following the eating plan as closely as I do normally.

I need to get the eating right so I can start to notice the weight loss more. At least I know its the healthiest way to lose weight and its not some silly crash diet where I will regain the weight as soon as the program ends.

Today I had a massive workout at lunch time which wasn't my smartest move! I didn't eat anything and 2 hours and a hectic session later, I was nearly fainting! Will make sure I eat next Monday because these are the only days I don't go before work.

I love getting fitter. I really want to start to notice the change in my body shape soon! Where is my body transformation? I feel it coming!!

L x