Monday, 10 December 2012

Armchair Love

Our bedroom is huge and I have been wondering what we can do with it to make it look more full. I really would love a beautiful big armchair like one of these...


All images are from House of Turquoise and Everything Turquoise - two of my favourite decorating blogs. All of these chairs are suitable because our colour theme is grey and white so they would all look perfect. 

L x

Friday, 30 November 2012


Overseas Passenger Terminal, Sydney

On the weekend, we celebrated my soon to be brother-in-law's 30th birthday! We went to Wildfire at the Overseas Passenger Terminal and wow, was it fantastic. We started with cocktails in the bar while we waited for everyone to arrive and from the moment we stepped into the restaurant, I could tell it was going to be a wonderful night. The staff and service were excellent from the get go.

As I have only recently started eating meat again after a 13 year hiatus, I was a little concerned about all the meat that was on offer. But I need not have worried.

The bread selection was delicious and the platter of entrĂ©es with curry puffs and king prawns was divine. We ate lamb, seafood, chicken and chorizo and it was all amazing. The wagyu beef I had was a little tough but most other people seemed to get lovely soft pieces so I can't judge that.

The grenache complimented all the meat perfectly. From Clare Valley, it was one of the most beautiful wines I have ever tried - I only wish I was smart enough to ask what it was called!

For dessert, everyone had the most delicious meringue with ice cream, hazelnut and chocolate in a mini cup and saucer and I honestly would have eaten a second one if I could have. By far, one of the best desserts I have ever tasted.

(Wildfire Website)

If you have never been before, I would strongly recommend it. 

Bon apetit'

L x

Monday, 29 October 2012

What I would do for a new wardrobe...

I am starting to really notice that my wardrobe needs some serious attention. I cant remember the last time I bought a great pair of shoes or a dress! I am having a slight obsession with online shopping at the moment and spend hours clicking through pages of fashion blogs and shopping sites without purchasing a bloody thing! Maybe that's another reason I haven't been writing too much! 

I have also noticed that my choices of what to wear to work lately are seriously limited. I started doing a major wardrobe clean out today and have started selling some old crap on eBay to make way for some new purchases.

If Saturday Lotto came my way, the first thing I would shop for is shoes! (while on holidays in Hawaii with all my family and friends of course). 

(My Friend Franky)

(All about Edie)

(My Friend Franky)

(Atlantic Pacific)

I don't go out much anymore and do not have too many places to wear heels to... but I know if I had some like these, I would find somewhere to wear them. HOT.

L x

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Where art thou'?

Again, its been so long since I posted. More than a month. It has been seriously busy lately and I have been feeling exhausted all the time.

Recently, I experienced a long bout of bronchitis. Two rounds of antibiotics later and I am still feeling lethargic and generally 'off colour'.

On my way home from work on Wednesday afternoon, I collapsed on the train! Yep, that's right. Out cold. I remember feeling hot so I took my jacket off and slumped in the seat a little so I could put my head back. Next thing I know, I wake up to people asking my name, shaking my hand and waving air at me with a folded up MX. 

I felt sick in the tummy and was pretty out of it. My eyes wouldn't open and I kept resting my head on the poor guy next to me. I remember hearing people say things like, "she might be pregnant", "call an ambulance", "is anyone a doctor on this carriage?" and the train guard say "no, no this train has been cancelled, please wait for the next one". OMG. Train cancelled? Peak hour? Because of me? Awkward.  

Someone please call my Dad. I am scared shitless right now. 

Before my little episode I remember feeling a bit yuk throughout the day, so I had some nurofen after lunch and thought I would be ok. The next thing I know I have stopped City Rail in their peak hour tracks and I am being led to an ambulance, bound for St George Hospital Emergency Department. Thank god they didn't put the siren on. 

K met me at the hospital after escaping TAFE early for the night, and bless him, didn't leave my side. Dad arrived next, then Mum and J not long after. Soon enough, B & B have forgone their special dinner to celebrate Bridget passing her thesis and they too were propped up in the Emergency Department waiting area... worried about me and my infected body. 

After a few hours and lots of different tests, and no conclusive answer as to why I had temporarily spaced out, I was able to go home to recover. 

The next morning Mum was back by my side and bundled me off to our family doctor for a second opinion. Thank goodness for Mums - she knew it wasn't just a fainting spell. My Doc sent me to have a blood test and the results showed that I have another infection. Not to mention the bronchitis is still lingering. Seven weeks of feeling like crap, plus two infections later and I cannot even explain how over this I am. 

I thought I was being healthy by losing weight and doing so exercise. Turns out, sometimes your body just needs some good old fashioned R&R.

A diet and consistent exercise don't go hand in hand with a chest infection like bronchitis. When those old wives say its important to rest when your sick and get plenty of sleep.... they aren't telling tales.

 L x

P.S - Thanks to K, my Mum and my family for looking after me and being worried for my health. A special thanks should also be extended to those on the train who looked after me. They didn't whinge for one second about their much slower than expected journey home. I will remember this experience the next time my train just... stops.... 

Sunday, 16 September 2012

The best news I have had in a long time!

I have been so lazy with this blog lately and that's mostly to do with the fact that I have not been feeling much inspiration...

Until now that is...

Last night my sister's boyfriend tricked us all into thinking he had organised a special dinner with his family and ours, as a get together to celebrate his girlfriend / my sister who handed in her thesis. Little did we know that he actually proposed before they arrived and our thesis celebration turned into a full blown engagement party as well.

I was so emotional - I still am. Its such a special time in two people's life and the fact they chose to include the whole family means so much to everyone. He could have proposed on their two week holiday at the end of this month but really wanted her to be able to share this special occasion with all of us. It is definitely a night I will remember for the rest of my life.

Here is her stunning ring... He chose it himself and its over 130 years old. Its perfect for her. She said that she loves thinking about all the other women who wore this ring before her and were equally as happy. So special.

(personal photo)

There were hundreds of tears, countless bottle's of Moet (his parents were in on the gig and bought up a storm) and so much laughter.

I love my family more than anything. Its nights like this that you realise what's really important in life. Sharing good times with those you love.

L x

P.S I will now have a new topic to talk about on my blog... I am the Maid of Honour after all.  ;)

Friday, 3 August 2012

Dreaming of Europe

I don't know about you guys... but I feel like everyone is living the life in Europe at the moment (not to mention KY, Sammy D & Gards)! It is starting to become a real challenge to come to work everyday and look at amazing photos online. 

I guess this time of year always happens... chilly Sydney means sunny Europe, and while our friends galavant all over the world and our FB walls, next year - I plan to do the same.

My sister will be heading to Europe to complete her PHD, most likely in Switzerland. So Keegan and I have decided that its our turn. It's time to travel together. For our first holiday alone. Ever.

Rochers De Naye
(image from Lonely Planet - Glenn van der Knijff)

A village in Switzerland...
(image from Lonely Planet - Martin Moos)

I am having a major daily distraction on this amazing blog and if, like me, you are obsessed with visiting Europe, take a peek. But honestly, if your at work, I wouldn't advise it.


L x

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Olympic Fashion

I am loving the Games and now I have Foxtel, I am not missing a thing! Eight dedicated channels baby (I sound like a tv advertisement).

Fashion is always a hot topic and of particular importance, I believe, when the Olympics roll around every four years. The fashion of the Olympic athletes always gets some serious attention in the media! While I took note of the Australian attire revealed a few weeks ago, I didn't look up the fashion choices of other countries until recently, when I came across this article on Time Magazine Online and was in awe of some of these hideous concoctions. 

Watching the athletes walk in to the Opening Ceremony is my favourite part of the Olympics... "Ohhh they look awesome" and "Whoa - what the *beep* happened there?" were just some of the colourful comments Keegan sat through on the weekend while we watched the ceremony together. 

While there is quite a few 'Best & Worst' reviews online at the moment, I thought I would share my personal view.

Spain. OMG. The tracksuit in the middle is that ugly, I cant even believe it made it from the pages of a sketchbook to real life. It turns out this outfit was donated as Spain couldn't afford to get outfits made for their athletes, so perhaps I should lay off a little. However, I will say that even the dummies in the image below know they look ridiculous in the mish mash of crazy colours and paisley patterns. Yuk. 

(image from the SMH Online)

Another one I really don't like is this Jamaican version. It seems to be getting a lot of positive comments based around the brightness of the colours but honestly, not a fan. That high collar jacket is just weird. 

(image from the SMH Online)

Russia's tracksuit is a little "out there" you might say! And the matching caps... well?!

(image from the Vancouver Sun)

But at least none of the London 2012 uniforms were as awful as this Lithuanian number from the 1992 Olympics in Spain.... Ewwww. Ha ha! Tie dye! Flashback. What a phase. 

(image from xfinity)

I really love Korea's uniform. They are such a polite nation from what I can gather. Did anyone notice the women's Archery team at the medal ceremony? They went around the front of the blocks to shake hands with the silver and bronze recipients before accepting their gold medals on the podium. Cute and so classy.

(image from the SMH Online)

I also like Great Britain's competition wear. Stella McCartney was involved so that might have something to do with it. Apparently she worked with Adidas to come up with over 600 different looks for the athletes!

(image from AFP)

However, I think the best of the bunch... the country that got it Oh-So-Right is BRAZIL!!!

(image from Bulgarian News Agency)

The mini skirts are hot, but you can see in the image above that some women chose to wear longer skirts which is always nice to have options to cater for the comfort level of different women. I love the sporty look with the trainers and neon laces but the preppy blazers and matching scarves tie it all together. I think it looks tailored, structured and professional but not at all stiff! 

As for Australia...

Although it has copped some flack, I dont think its that bad. In fact, I quite like it! The colours are nowhere near as bright as other countries but I think our Aussie athletes look great and are feeling great too. With 6 medals in the bag on Day 4, we are doing well!

Go Australia!!!

L x

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Girl Crush: Miranda.. again

I cant keep up with her amazing-ness because everyday she it out there looking phenomenal.

(Lost in Paris)

(Our lips are sealed)

(Lost in Paris)

(Our lips are sealed)

(summer suicide)

(Our lips are sealed)

(Lost in Paris)

(Our lips are sealed)


Elle UK

(Vogue Australia)

(Vogue Australia)

Did anyone see her on A Current Affair last night. Worth a watch. Take me to that location puhlease.... and I'll take her outfits from the shoot too. 

L x

New hairstylin'

My hair is lighter and chopped off and it feels great!

Before and long...

After and shorter...

It is a huge change for me and I love it, but I am still deciding if I want to go shorter?

L x

Friday, 29 June 2012

I need a new hairstyle...

My hair is ridiculously long at the moment. By far, its the longest its ever been. I think it looks stupid and ratty but I have kept it long for K who loves it like this. Why - I have no idea?

He complains when it gets all over his face while he sleeps.
He complains that it clogs the drain in the shower.
He complains when I have to blow dry it and he wants me to hurry up.
He complains when he has to cut it out of the vacuum cleaner (see pic below). Ewwww.

I am really over my hair to be honest. Apart from the reasons above, which are all absolutely true, its hard to dry in the mornings before work, its annoying to wash, I never have time to straighten or curl it properly, and at work I have to have it back in a boring ponytail or bun because it looks so unprofessional.

My hair would be great for teenagers living in the shire, going to the beach all day... but I am not a teenager and I hate the beach. So. I have made the decision. I need a new hairstyle. Pronto.

  • I want it to be easy to manage.
  • I want it to be long enough to tie up for the gym.
  • I want it to be a similar sort of colour.
  • I don't want too many layers as I want it to get thicker.
Here are some that I have been looking at;

(All photos courtesy of Google Images)

I love Heidi and Miley's do's the most but I would want it to be a bit longer than these. Decisions. Decisions. It will never look as good as it does in Hollywood so I should just suck it up and do it. 

Stay tuned. 

L x

Frankie in another food frenzy!

Our dog Frankie, is obsessed by food. I mean literally OBSESSED.

Here he is inside his food bag. Ha ha.

Too cute.

L x

Friday, 25 May 2012

Ain't that the truth

I want to hang this on my wall as a reminder...

I love it. If only everyone lived like this there would be much less self esteem issues in the world.

L x

Friday, 18 May 2012

Sooki the Contortionist

Our pup Sooki is such an odd sleeper. Why does she sleep like this? How on earth does she get into these positions?

Too cute for words...

L x