Saturday, 10 December 2011

Loving life in our new home...

We have been living in our new unit for about 4 weeks and it has just flown by!! It feels like yesterday that we got the keys and rushed over here to check it out! We were so happy and we are still on a high everyday after getting home from work.

It was almost a year long wait but it was worth it.

We had some work to do when we first moved in like installing down lights to replace the horrible ones that were here.


Installing the down lights

Our first downlight installed!

And repainting the horrible brown walls with a light grey shade which really opened the space and made it appear so much more fresh looking.

Brown walls... ewww

Painting away...

The first finished room! 

There is still so much to be done and our second bedroom currently has a variety of unmatched furniture inhabiting it. But we are happy and we live in this great unit with so many windows and fresh air flowing through it. The balcony is huge and our amazing lounge was the perfect choice for our lounge room. 

We really need new blinds so that will be our next project. I will make sure I upload some photos of that when we get to it! 

Happy Saturday everyone! 

L x

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