Thursday, 17 November 2011

Funny morning...

K started a new job on Tuesday and today is his third day. I have been getting up super early with him and we have been catching the train at 6.10am. Except today K misread the train timetable and we caught the train from Penshurst and we just missed the fast train. We had to get on the very slow all stations train. We were so tired on the way in but luckily we weren't late.

It was 6.50am and he starts at 7am, but his colleagues and boss had already left the office where the meet and were walking across the road to the site. His supervisor made a bee line for him and I heard K say "oh sh*t" and so I just put my head down and kept walking. I didn't even say goodbye to K. I totally freaked and thought the boss would yell at him or something and so I got out of there quick smart.

Ha ha - I think an old boss of mine who made my life hell has scared me half to death of all bosses. I felt like I was in school again.

Funny times. I bet he wasn't even in trouble because we weren't even late!

L x

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