Friday, 14 October 2011

Sophia & Rosie and their love affair with Nicki Minaj

Has everyone heard about Sophie Grace & Rosie from Essex in the UK?

They are the newest tots to become internet superstars thanks to their love affair with Nicki Minaj and belting out her tunes at the top of their lungs in pink ballerina outfits and tiaras. SERIOUSLY CUTE!


If you haven't seen them before, watch this You Tube clip before you read on. Aren't they just adorable!

Anyhow, Ellen featured the girls on her show a few days ago in the US and it was so sweet. Nicki Minaj came on the show to surprise the girls and their reaction is hilarious.

Click here to see Ellen's interview with the girls - Sophia puts on an American accent which I think is my favourite part.

Click here to see Nicki Minaj surprise the girls - too cute!

I think Sophia's parents must have a busy time with this little one on their hands. She s a little hyper - soooooo full of energy! And Rosie is just SO cute.

L x

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