Thursday, 13 October 2011

Home Beautiful

This morning I purchased the November issue of Home Beautiful magazine.

(November issue - Home Beautiful)

I only got up to page 35 and I have already found two home decorating ideas that I love and am definitely going to try for my new home... 

(Home Beautiful - page 22)

I love this collection of seashells. I have collected a few seashells in my time but they just sit around and gather dust before I end up getting rid of them. This is such a great way to show them off and remember some great places you have travelled to. I love it. 

You could do the same thing for items other than seashells... what about mini ornaments or for those that collect spoons this would also work. I have a girlfriend that collects Pandora charms from each place she visits... this sort of thing would work perfectly. Who says you have to wear the charms?

(Home Beautiful - page 27)

I also love this idea. I wish I collected Japanese oriental fans just so I could feature them on a wall like this. I am going to have a think about things that I could collect from each place I visit and then I might use one of these ways to feature them at home. K and I love travelling and it shouldn't just be photos that remind us of all the wonderful places we visit in the world.

I wish I had of been more creative and thought of this before I went to Austria, the UK, the Bahamas, Cabo San Lucas, NY and Miami. I am going to be so much more prepared next time!

Have you got some great pieces that you collect and display at home? I would love to hear about them and get some more ideas!

L x

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