Saturday, 15 October 2011

Bigger and Better Jewellery

This summer I am going to get myself some more jewellery. I wear the same gold jewellery all the time and I think I need some funky pieces to stack on and wear with confidence. Such a great way to lift my spirits too!

(That kind of woman)

Wish list - YSL bracelet 
(in fin ity)

Love this pink clutch too! 

(Bellissima necklace - Monica Rose)

(Dallas Carlos jewellery - Oracle Fox)

(Stella & Dot necklace - Kourtney Kardashian)

(Marni necklace - Monica Rose)

(My Friend Franky)

The only thing that annoys me about wearing so much jewellery is the constant clanging noise that jewellery makes when it bangs together. Definitely not work appropriate. I think I will save these looks for the weekends!

L x

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