Thursday, 1 September 2011

Weekend Getaway

I think K and I are feeling slightly trapped at the moment in terms of living in one small bedroom, waiting for our tenant to move out and spending all our money on the big move. Its not a huge problem, in fact its not even a problem really, but we feel a bit like this....

The upside is that we know we don't have to live like this for much longer, so there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel (and the tunnel is getting much shorter). However... we have decided to spend some time together for a little weekend break.

Ideally, I would love to go to Singapore for 4 days and stay at the Marina Bay Sands Resort but its a bit very expensive! We could go to Melbourne for a quick trip but flights would be costly, especially because we are trying to save for our moving date. Last night we settled on a location within driving distance (ie: Hunter Valley, Blue Mountains, South Coast) for a bit of R & R.

Today I got to work and saw a Getaway Lounge deal, offering a 2 night escape in the Blue Mountains for $175!! So cheap, we have never been there before and the deal includes a full country breakfast for two each morning, complimentary bottle of wine on arrival and free late checkout - sounds pretty good to me!!

Its called Glenella Guest House and we paid $20 extra for an upgrade to a traditional room (we wanted the Heritage upgrade for a bit of extra glam but they didn't have the dates available).  Anyway, it looks great and there is an award winning restaurant on the property, which perfectly suits our love of "wining and dining". The Sydney Morning Herald did a pretty positive article on the guest house back in 2009 and reading the article really managed my expectations about the size of the "small rooms" (you can see I do my research right?).

Anyway, we are going on Friday 16 September which gives us something to look forward to as its so close! Bring on a weekend away from Sydney! I will report back when we return.

Now.... does anyone know what you can do for fun in the Blue Mountains??
"Hello Google!"

L x

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