Thursday, 15 September 2011

NY Wish List...

My sister is off to NY in November for another conference and I am starting to compile a wish list in case I win the lotto between now and then... Take a peek!

1. Go crazy on the Mac products - even the brushes!

2. Eat this in my absence please... Cookie Dough is my absolute favourite.

3. Because everyone else has a black one...
(Lost in Paris)

4. I love these... and dream of being a runner so these will inspire me.
( - Nike LunarGlide+3)

5. M&Ms in every possible colour please...
(Summer Suicide)

I love NY and wish I could go with B for some shopping and cocktails. If I do end up winning the lotto and B ends up continuing her PhD in New York, I will spend some of my winnings so that she can study in a place like this...

(Lost in Paris)

What a city. 

L x

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