Sunday, 25 September 2011

Beautiful bedrooms

This rain is making me want to get back into bed, cuddle up with my cosy blanket and watch movies all day with K. It's funny how the weather can change your mood so drastically. Two days ago I was up at 6am, in my gym gear and ready to tackle the day head on. Today, I am sleepy and all in all... a little bit sooky.

If I did get my way and was able to stay in bed all day (ha ha) I would really like it to be in one of these amazing bedrooms - they look so inviting.

(Sacramento Street & Live Breathe Decor)

(My Friend Franky)

(Summer Suicide)

(Live Breathe Decor)

(Lynn Lynn)

(Live Breathe Decor)

(Decor Happy - via Canadian House & Home)

(Lynn Lynn)

The grey one at the top is my favourite. I love the grey suede bed head. So light and "fresh" as K would say. 

L x

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