Monday, 19 September 2011

12WBT: Update

Well we are in the second week of our 12 week Body Transformation and I am loving the Program so far. This morning I got up at 6.15am and did about 40 minutes of exercise on the bike which I rarely do. It so confronting when you think how lazy you have been, especially considering there is exercise equipment in my lounge room!

Over the weekend while we were in the Blue Mountains it was hard. But we ate good food and didn't have any chocolate, dessert or icecream. A real struggle for me because I am a sugar fiend for those of you who don't know me that well. We came across the most beautiful chocolate shop in Leura but I kept telling myself to 'flex the muscle' and I managed to avoid it for three days.

We did a mammoth bush walk on Sunday which was awesome and although I was tired after two and a half hours traipsing through the bush, I felt so good!

Back to being super good this week. The large consumption of red wine and cocktails was the main area where I blew out... Don't worry Michelle. I will make up for it.

I finished my pre-season tasks yesterday too! And this morning I purchased a three pack of Michelle's DVDs (Super Shredder Circuit, Tight Toned & Terrific and Seek & Destroy Cardio Kicker). I bought the pack from DVDLand Online and they were on $36.95 for all three!

I cant wait for them to arrive!

L x

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