Sunday, 28 August 2011

Summer Inspiration

Last night we visited K's brother and darling girlfriend at their new place in Cronulla and although I am not a summer girl... can I just say this is the first time I have EVER been excited about summer!

They are living so close to the beach and I just know we will be spending a lot of time there during the warmer months. I usually hate the beach because of the sand and the clothing attire that is required, but my biggest problem with summer is the fact that I get burnt in the shortest amount of time.

K's father is Maori and therefore his skin is much darker than mine so, through summer particularly, he gets a great tan and I stay very pale. Photos of the two of us during summer highlight the contrast so well! Our friends and family find this quite comical and love to tease us - "top deck" is a favourite.

Anyway this summer I am going to try my best and get fit (which I say every year) and therefore be comfortable in a bikini - which I never am. These pics and this sunshine today are keeping me inspired...

(Our lips are sealed)

(Style Essentials)

(Our lips are sealed)

(Our lips are sealed)

(Get at me bro) - I love this bikini

(Lost in Paris)

(Lost in Paris) - Love this cosi too! 

(Lost in Paris)

I guess I am looking to totally transform myself into a teeny model, with a tan and nice boobs. Ha ha. 

L x

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