Friday, 12 August 2011

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

I am dreaming of some new shoes at the moment!

It may be because there are a huge variety of colourful heels in store at the moment or it may be because I am sick of wearing winter boots! I want some heels, havaianas and wedges in my life!!!

(Siren Shoes)

(Tiiu Kuik by Max Abadian for Woman Spain)

(That Kind of Woman)

(in fin ity)

(Style Essentials)

(They All Hate Us)

(Baby Anything)

(Missoni + Havaianas - Madison Magazine)

(Tony Bianco - Wanted)


Bring on weather that is suitable for these shoes! 

And if this cold and rainy weather sticks around for much longer, I might just invest my tax return money on these Isabel Marant boots instead of a washing machine for my new home. LOVE. 

(Monica Rose)

L x

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