Thursday, 25 August 2011

A place for all my photos

One thing I didn't like about my rental experience was the restrictions about hanging things on walls! This simple rule used to really bug me.

At my new home, I am really going to like hanging things where and how I want to! I love how these photos are black and white and hung using sticky tape. Makes it appear effortless but still looks so chic. Good idea for renters as well! 

My gorgeous GF has a perfect mix match of photos in her lounge room and all the photos were taken on her overseas adventures. Looks amazing. I also really like these examples below. 

(Five star painting)

(Spearmint Decor)

This wire with matching clips looks great too! I think this looks particularly good because of the Polaroid looking prints. 

(Summer suicide)

What about hanging the same colour frames with no photos. I think this looks really cool! 

(Discover Interior Design / Life and Style: A-Z)

So many ideas and not enough wall space.

L x

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