Thursday, 18 August 2011

Obsessing over home decor

I agree, I am super excited to move into my new home, but honestly, I have been obsessing about it so much at the moment! I have had to limit my lunch break to one hour only of online exploration, otherwise I lose track of time and end up spending the rest of the afternoon looking at colours, paint, furniture, factory outlets and particularly design blogs.

At the moment, I am obsessing over my colour scheme. Every time I think I know what I want, I explain it to K and he rubbishes it! Our tastes are vastly different. I know we will come up with something amazing so I am not too worried just yet.

In the meantime I am happy to continue sourcing amazing inspiration - totally out of reach on most occasions... but still stunning!

(Live Breathe Decor)

(BB&B Colour Inspiration)

(Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne's lounge room)

(Live Breathe Decor)


(in fin ity)


(That Kind of Woman)


OMG! One can dream right?

L x

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