Wednesday, 3 August 2011

New Lounge Room Plans

On the weekend we went shopping for our new home once again. I love home decorating days. We sat on about 40 lounges, lay down on a few too, and we imagined what they would look like in the space and what they would feel like to relax on after a hard day at work. We eventually found THE ONE! 

Our new lounge from Freedom Furniture is so gorgeous and soft. The leather is beautiful and the layout is perfect. It looks much whiter in the photo below than it actually is. The colour is called bisque - I would describe it as cream. I cant wait for it to be delivered to our new home. We will be so broke after the big move and wanted to have the perfect lounge because we envisage spending a lot of time on it! 

(Freedom Furniture)

In addition, we were looking for an amazing TV cabinet with some storage space. We shopped and shopped until we came across Sydney Side. Wow. Loving their designs! Unfortunately, this is not quite affordable for us at the moment. The cabinets alone were about $2500 not including the shelving or extra hanging cupboards (as in the pic below).

(Sydney Side)

We have decided instead, to use this as our inspiration and will be looking for some cheaper alternatives to design our lounge room like the picture above. Ikea have some great wall shelves available for about $40 - $70 (see below). 

(Ikea - LACK wall shelf)

It will be our first DIY project so we are really looking forward to it. I cant wait to have a week off work to move in and get everything organised. The countdown is on! Less than three months away. 

On another note, we think we have found some colour inspiration as well! We have been arguing about it for a few weeks now, with both K and I having very different taste. Finally, I think we may have decided on something we both love! Yay! More on that later. 

L x

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