Friday, 19 August 2011

A little piece of heaven...

Last night, K and I took ourselves to DJs at Bondi to pick up our ScanPan cookware from layby! Yay! We are really starting to feel like our home purchases list is shrinking now.

I wanted to browse around and see what other great items I could find, but of course K wasn't all that keen, citing nightmarish traffic on the way home as the reason. Whatever. Why does my boyfriend hate shopping so much?

Anyhow, we did happen to walk past the manchester area and there it was... the most beautiful bedding we had ever seen. In fact, K saw it first and triumphantly remarked "this is it baby!" I loved it as well - quite a rare moment because we hardly ever like the same thing. The colour was 'silver' but I would call it light grey and beautiful white pillows were scattered effortlessly. The sheets were that stark white tone - you know that tone you never want to touch for fear of it not being stark white any more - and the cushions were the perfect navy. There was a beautiful soft blanket thrown casually over the bed (which I would never be able to recreate at home) and we both petted it gently as if it were a baby bunny.  Oh how we loved it. We wanted it bad and it was almost as good as SOLD...

Then I saw it. "Ralph Lauren."

No wonder it was called 'silver' and not 'light grey'. Duvet cover $600, standard pillow cases $150, fitted sheet $200 and so it went on. To recreate the look perfectly we were looking at well over $1600! For bedding. Ouchie.

And excuse me, but since when does my boyfriend (occupation: plumber) start picking out designer items for our home? Its like the saying goes... Champagne taste, beer budget. Maybe, on a more positive note, my taste is rubbing off on him.

I jumped online today to see if I could find a picture of this beautiful creation and I found a navy one quite similar. I want to go back to DJs so I can remember the name of the collection but trust me, it was stunning.

The online prices are much more affordable at the moment (go you Aussie dollar)! Although, I guess we could always buy this little piece of heaven to ensure we sleep restfully forever more... and then do without a fridge?!

Dear Mr Lauren, can you please start shipping Ralph Lauren Home to Australia. Sincerely, L x.

L x

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