Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Lights, camera, action!

One thing I really hate about our new unit is the light fittings. OMG they are ugly and SO not to my taste. Check them out...

(See what I mean?!)

As a result, I have been looking for light fittings and have discovered just how many there is to choose from. I cant believe what a difference a light fitting makes to a room? I find myself looking at the light fittings when I check out design blogs and magazines and I am sure I never paid attention to them before.

I love Josh and Jenna's mega light they used in their living room on The Block 2011 and I also loved their industrial hanging lights in the bedroom and kitchen. The industrial theme wont really suit my new home, but they still look great! (Did you hear about their new design company called Bicker Design Co - great idea Josh and Jenna!)

(The Block 2011)

(The Block 2011)

(The Block 2011) 

I read LiveBreatheDecor religiously and I am loving a photo Naomi uploaded with the most beautiful light fitting! I love the gold hardware in particular, which matches my love of gold over silver perfectly. I bet the light twinkles around the room as well.

(Live Breathe Decor)

I emailed Naomi to ask if she knew where the light came from and she sent me some images of other similar looking lights. The two below are my favourites and I will be hunting for light fittings like these over the coming weeks! Such a big help. Thanks Naomi. 

(I love the effect this light fitting creates in the background)

I also went into Freedom Furniture the other day and I am loving a few of their fittings as well.

(Freedom - Spun Ball Pendant)

(Freedom - Panay Pendant Shade)

(Freedom - Rattan Pendant)

Every time I feel like I am on top of things in terms of the big move, I think of something else and then make it my mission to sort it out that weekend. It's not leaving me that much spare time but luckily I love all this decorating (ie: nesting) stuff.  Maybe I should look into a career move?

L x

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