Monday, 29 August 2011

Fruit Salad, Fruit Salad

Following on from my summer inspiration yesterday, I have decided I need to eat more fruit. I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth and would gladly eat a chocolate bar or two everyday if I could. During winter I have been... (oops!) so now that spring is in the air, its time to make a change!

Fruit fully satisfies my sweet tooth and is healthy too (double bonus), so today, I am turning my eating around! I have started with cereal for breakfast with skim milk and a salad and egg wholegrain sandwich for lunch.  

Here is some more inspiration! If images of gorgeous bikini's and delicious fruit can't get me motivated - nothing will!

(Spearmint Kitchen)

Maybe if I cut fruit into cute shapes I will eat it more often?
(The beach is my soul)

(Summer Suicide)

I heart cherries!
(lovely lovely food)

(Summer Suicide)

(The beach is my soul)

This will be me working over NYE while everyone else is partying :(
(Style Essentials)

(Lost in Paris)

(Bright Bold Beautiful)

(The beach is my soul)

(Mermaid in the making)

(Summer Suicide)

I am getting parched just looking at these photos. Delicious!

L x

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