Saturday, 6 August 2011

Effectively... we just made a small fortune!

K and I are so happy today. We effectively made about $40k in 6 months!! Why you ask? Well, we recently found out that the unit, next door to our new unit... same block, same floor, mirror image of ours... was for sale!

So for about two weeks, we have been keeping our eyes on it and waiting for it to sell. And last night it did! For $25k more than we paid for ours! And guess what? It is not as nice as ours, and it has the original bathroom and kitchen in it - ours has been re-painted, re-carpeted and had the bathroom and kitchen redone!

Therefore, say the previous owners of ours had spent $15k to update the kitchen and bathroom (and that would be doing it cheaply), we have effectively made $40k in the 6 months we have owned it - if we were to sell!

Boo yeah! Show me the money!

L x

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