Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Dreaming of a holiday...

My last big holiday was in May when K and I went on our first overseas trip together to New Zealand. It was great but I am starting to realise that the next one wont be for almost a year!! I really want to go overseas with K again and spend some time in the sun relaxing. Something you should know: I am super pale and get sunburnt in 15 minutes during summer if I am not under shade!

Nevertheless, Thailand looks promising! Fiji maybe? Bali? Tahiti? Bora Bora? These photos are keeping me hopeful that I will make it to a tropical paradise by June next year!

(in fin ity)

(French Polynesia - Lost in Paris)

(the beach is my soul)

(Lost in Paris)

(Lost in Paris)

(Lost in Paris)

(eat flowers)

(Lost in Paris)

(Summer suicide)

(the beach is my soul)

The blue water looks so inviting... I could always take refuge from the sun under a giant palm tree.

L x

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