Saturday, 20 August 2011

DIY - get in my life

I am feeling really creative at the moment and as a result, I really want some DIY in my life right now. I have been scouring home decorating magazines and online blogs and I am coming up with some great ideas. All I need is some spare time to carry them out!

I am big on card making. I haven't made any in awhile though, so maybe that's where this creative energy is coming from. Here are some pics of old card projects I have done - please ignore the terrible quality of these iPhone images.

I am also thinking that I might try to make some artworks or canvases for our new home. Check out these great ones... I could so do something like this... I mean I never have... but I could try? I like this heart shaped rainbow design with different pieces of patterned fabric and the colour themed patterned squares below...

(The sun is always going to rise)

(Style Files)

(Cereal in my Stiletto)

I really like the paper butterflies attached to this canvas. So pretty and creative. My mind is tick tick ticking...

L x

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