Saturday, 20 August 2011

The Block: Katrina and Amie

Sunday is the last episode of The Block! So sad. What am I going to watch without it?

There is not one couple I like more than another. I love Polly and Waz because they are so light hearted and funny! I love Josh and Jenna because they are so passionate and fight like crazy but its never that serious and they sort of remind me of K and I in a weird way. Rod and Tania seem like the nicest people ever and their back deck was incredible! And I love Katrina and Amie because they are sisters and have done so well without a man to assist them! They always pull through no matter what the challenge.

One of my favourite episodes was when the sisters spent their last $2000 on an artwork for the hallway and living room challenge... and they won! The artwork was very special and their discovery of Cathyann Coady was reported by Adore Magazine as one of the best things to come out of The Block.

Cathyann Coady - "Annie" - digital print and oil on canvas)

Katrina and Amie also made Mark Tuckey a household name with their choice of this amazing coffee table.

(Mark Tuckey - coffee table - big log pine)

(Katrina and Amie's lounge room with the coffee table in the background)

Even the Netherlands is talking about Mark Tuckey - see!

Go Katrina and Amie! Good luck! Whoever is lucky enough to buy their little piece of The Block will be thrilled to have such wonderful pieces included!

Quite the fashionistas aren't they!

L x

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