Thursday, 14 July 2011

Day off work: Ikea adventure

Yesterday K and I had the day off work and we decided to spend it visiting Ikea. Ohhh Ikea. I would never attempt to go on the weekend, and even on a Wednesday it was mayhem, but I do love it!

We bought 10 glasses at 80 cents each, some other kitchen supplies, two side tables (very basic but still great) and a vase all for the grand total of $55. See why I love it now?

We have written a list of all the things we need before we move in and it is slowly getting shorter as we tick off our new purchases. Buying things for our new home is getting very exciting and keeps us motivated to spend our money on the important things and not too many cocktails over the weekend. (NB: This weekend is an exception because its my birthday!)

Next time we go back we will take the floor plan of our unit with us so we can actually measure where we will put the bookshelf, computer desk, wall shelves and TV cabinet we have our eye on!

I think I am really starting to 'nest' as my Mum would say. 

L x

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