Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Birthday Sum Up

As I said, I had a great birthday weekend and I wanted to share it!

If anyone hasn't been to the Beresford Hotel in Surry Hills, I highly recommend it. They recently opened an upstairs section, appropriately called 'Upstairs' and I thought it was BANGING! Such a great space and if you can get there early on a Friday night and snag one of the few raised booths, then you are set for the whole evening.

Following a very drunken trek to the next bar (of which I have no idea what or where it was), we ended up at NEVERMIND on Oxford Street. Still reeling about their recent surprise visit from Lady Gaga, the club was small and intimate, but we had a blast!

After waking up the next afternoon (ouch!), we had dinner at Opah Greek Restaurant in Cronulla! Great food. Great vibe.

Sunday was family dinner at home with my family and K's and it was great. K bought me an amazing state of the art magic pack from GHD. I love curls and have been wanting a GHD forever so I was very happy and K was so proud of himself for choosing such a great gift for me. Bless. Check it out!

I also received a beautiful piece of Elk jewellery from my brother and sister. I love Elk products and I cant wait to wear it.

My parents bought me some wonderful things for my glory box and our big move, including a beautiful 500 thread count sheet set and 100 piece cutlery set from Stanley Rogers. Perfect. 

On Monday, K took me out for a surprise dinner at BayBlu on Tom Ugly's Bridge. It was delicious. We ordered our first ever seafood platter with a few cocktails on the side.

Thank you to K and my family and friends for a wonderful 28th birthday. 
L x

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